43cc Gas Scooter For Sale
Updated Mon Aug 2 14:29:08 PDT 2004

For Sale Make Offer, Retail New Price ~$1000
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43cc gas Performance Scooter (Slightly Used)
Billet Deck
Performance Air Filter
Performance Carburetor
Performance Exhaust
Polished Piston
Polished Housing
Removable Seat
Frame can support 350lbs
Front and Rear independent Disc Brakes
Single cylinder two stroke air cooled 2.5hp engine (43cc overbored)
Cylinder Stroke 36 x 32 mm
Pull Starter
Chain Drive
1 liter fuel tank
Motorcycle style twist throttle
Fuel to Oil ratio 25:1
Adjustable Carburetor
Foldable for easy transport or storage
Centrifugal Clutch for safe, smooth starting
Durable Blue powder-coat finish
Idles at a stand still
Check your local and state laws before using

Please see the overview page for smaller pictures or each page for larger pictures. The information presented here is mainly from the seller I bought this from, but I have no reason to believe that it is not true. The reason I am selling this is that I find that I am not using it. It is used, but only has a few miles on it (see front tire). My estimate would be around 3 miles at most. I spent a fair bit of time adjusting everything to make sure that it worked properly, such as the brake adjustment. It is claimed that it can do something like 40mph, but I have not been brave enough to try to see how fast it can go. Due to the lack of a choke, you need to manually choke it when starting, which is easy to do with a plastic bag. If you are interested or want to ask any questions about it, please send me email.

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